Best BMX Bikes Under $300

BMX stands for Motocross. BMX bikes are off-road bicycles used for stunt riding as well as racing. Besides, these bikes are compatible with regular usage. It is lightweight, dirt-worthy, and speedy.

There are numerous types of BMX bikes such as freestyle, jumping, racing, and flatland when it comes to variety. Amongst them, you need to pick the one that you think is the best for you.

However, choosing the best bike amongst all can be a tiring task. Thus, we are about to share a list of some of the best BMX Bikes under 300.

Top chart of BMX bikes under 300 USD


Rating: 4.6/5
Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike
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Rating: 4.3/5
Mongoose BMX Freestyle Sidewalk Bike
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Rating: 4.4/5
Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike
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Rating: 4.5/5
Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike
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Rating: 4.2/5
Kent 20” Ambush Boys’ BMX Bike
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Rating: 4.4/5
Gloss Black with Red Accent BMX Bike
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Rating: 4.3/5
Sullivan Mini BMX Neo Chrome/Black Stunt Bike
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Rating: 4.2/5
Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike
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Rating: 4.6/5
Mongoose 2019 20” Outerlimit BMX bike
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Rating: 4.3/5
Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike
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Why should you need a BMX bike?

There are plenty of reasons to buy a BMX bike. BMX biking is considered to be one of the famous and fun activities all around the world. So, if you can participate in this activity regularly, it will bring you various health benefits.

It will improve your heart health

BMX biking is an efficient form of aerobic exercise. Thus, doing it every day will improve the condition of your heart. It will lower down the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Also, it will improve your blood circulation. In this way, your tissues will obtain more oxygen, which will enhance their functionality.

You can lose weight

We have already discussed that BMX biking is a form of anaerobic exercise. Therefore, you can comprehend that it will help you lose weight.

If you are suffering from obesity, you should start your biking at a lower speed, and gradually, you need to increase the intensity. One day, you will find that you have achieved a stable rate. Once you do that, it will become a fun activity for you.

Help you build muscle

If you want to tone your muscles, BMX biking can be an efficient way of doing it. To be precise, it will tone the muscles of your lower half. People who are suffering from joint issues can also take part in this activity.

It will not affect their joints. If you want to witness the full-body workout, make sure that you are choosing reliable brands. It should be capable enough to travel the sharp hills and curves.

Good for mental health

Well, physical exercises are always good for mental health. BMX biking is also an excellent way to keep your mental health in check. You can get connected with the other people of the community. It is also a perfect way to stay robust in mental health.

Reviews of top 10 BMX bikes under $300

1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike is the epitome of style. If you are a beginner rider, you should consider this product to be your best choice.

The manufacturers used Hi-Ten steel to craft the frame of this bike. For that reason, there will be no exertion regarding the durability of the cycles. Besides, the removable brake mounts enhance the efficiency of the product.

The drive train feature boasts 170mm once piece forged steel cranks along with a 25T chain-ring. Also, you will find an American loose ball bottom bracket in this bike.

The wheel-set of the cycle is also quite impressive. The tires are mounted on a single aluminum wall, which ensures the strength of the bike. Furthermore, brake levers and Aluminum U-Brake will provide you with precise speed control.

Besides, the steering performance of the product is also up to the mark.

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  • It is a stylish freestyle BMX bike.
  • The Hi-Ten steel frame will ensure the durability of the bike.
  • You can consider it to be a perfect choice if you are a beginner writer.
  • You will enjoy the maximum steering performance while riding.
  • The aluminum U-brake and the brake lever ensure speed control.


  • The brake line of the bike is a bit short.

2. Mongoose BMX Freestyle Sidewalk Bike

If you like to do tricks with your bike, this BMX bike could be the ideal choice for you. A lot of people buy this bike to perform stunts and tricks.

Well, it is a sturdy bike that you can take out whenever you want. The Hi-Ten steel BMX frame makes sure that the durability of your bike is up to the mark. You can enjoy a durable ride.

The quality of the chain-ring and drive train is also remarkable. This bike encompasses the 40x16T gearing along with one-piece forged steel.

It is durable and provides single-speed and effortless riding. The cast aluminum mag wheels come with a sealed bearing. Thus, it makes the BMX bike look classy and attractive. Besides, the cable detangler will allow you to spin the handlebars 360 degrees.

The hand brakes of the bike will provide you with precise speed control and stopping ability.

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  • The Hi-Ten steel frame is responsible for the durability of the bike.
  • It is a sturdy product.
  • 4 freestyle pegs bring a lot of trick potential to this bike.
  • The aluminum mag wheels make this product stylish and classy.
  • You can enjoy simple riding on this bike.


  • Some people are finding it hard to assemble this bike.

3. Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike

Another BMX bike that will help you do your bike tricks is Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike. It has everything that will allow you to perform your trick without any issues.

It comprises a tig-welded steel frame, an alloy seat clamp, and rear- and front-hand brakes. All these things will allow you to do your tricks without any problems.

There is also a freestyle rotor embedded in this bike. Besides, the 20in wheels with pegs increases the efficiency. The front and rear handbrakes are crafted to provide you with an optimized stopping speed. Also, it will become easier for you to control the speed of your bike.

The rotor in this MBX bike will improve safety by ensuring an impressive stopping speed.

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  • The front and rear handbrakes are of high quality.
  • You can do ultimate tricks with the help of this bike.
  • The alloy sits clamp is responsible for the durability of the bike.
  • The freestyle rotor makes sure that the safety of your motorcycle is satisfactory.
  • This bike is best compatible with young riders.


  • Freestyle rotors are coming out problematic.

4. Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike

Stylish is the word that will emerge in your head once you witness this BMX bike. It comes with a Tony Hawk finish as well as graphics. It makes your bike look elegant.

The rear U-brakes will protect the prominent part of the cycle from getting damaged. It doesn’t matter if you seek to do a wall ride or a jump box; you can do it easily with your bike.

The rear brakes of the bike are also efficient. They are Promax U-brakes made of alloy. Besides, the makers of this bike have improved the frame by incorporating a bright green hand grip.

That hand grip will also provide you with a stronghold over your bike. To be accurate, you can control your bike in a better way.

If you want to enjoy this bike, make sure that your age is above 12.

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  • The graphics of this bike makes it a stylish choice amongst kids.
  • The alloy threaded handlebar ensures the functionality and the strength of the cycle.
  • The alloy clamp of this bike is adjustable.
  • Rear U-brakes protects the prominent parts of your bike.
  • It also prevents interference of the bike with the body.


  • The wheel bearings of the bike are sloppy.

5. Kent 20” Ambush Boys’ BMX Bike

Gift this bike to your kid if he has a great sense of adventure. It arrives with all the traits that will make your kid happy.

With this bike on its side, your kids will enjoy a smooth as well as stylish ride. They can ride this bike for hours without getting uncomfortable. The manufacturers incorporated the best quality of the front brake and rear brake.

Therefore, there will be no questions regarding the safety of your children. You can say that this bike is perfectly suitable for your kids.

If you are teaching your kids to perform stunts, consider this bike to be the best product. Its smooth ride will help your kid to learn actions and tricks quickly. The optimization of this bike makes it a perfect choice for tricks and stunts.

This BMX bike is also lightweight and sturdy.

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  • It is a lightweight bike.
  • Sturdiness is the forte of this product.
  • The length of the wheels is 20 inches.
  • The steel of the cycle is quite durable.
  • It is a stylish bike.


  • Some people are complaining about problematic rear brakes.

6. Gloss Black with Red Accent BMX Bike

Be it experimenting with tricks or meeting with your friends; you can do everything with this bike on your side. Also, you can choose this bike for regular riding.

It is a robust bike, compatible with street rides, park rides, or dirt path rides. You don’t have to give much effort to maintain this bike.

Moreover, durability is another thing that you should take into consideration. After purchasing this bike, you can enjoy your stunts and tricks for a long time.

The steel frame of this bike ensures its durability. The single-speed bike will keep you safe while riding. It will involve no accidents with speed.

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  • You can experiment with tricks with the help of this bike.
  • This bike is also attuned with regular use.
  • It is compatible with the dirty path, street ride, and bike parks.
  • The steel frame ensures the durability of the bike.
  • Single-speed of the bike is perfect for your safety.


  • There are no such cons to this BMX bike.

7. Sullivan Mini BMX Neo Chrome/Black Stunt Bike

Now, this bike is made explicitly for enjoying stunts. Maybe, it is a pocket-sized product, but it will not disappoint you when it comes to BMX abilities.

The features of this bike make it the idyllic choice for tricks and stunts. The authentic styling of the bike is another reason many people are thinking of buying it.

With 3″ wide tyres, a top-load stem, fixed saddle, and 25T-9T micro gearing, this bike is always up for shredding. To be accurate, you can live your passion with this bike on your side.

Moreover, it is a BMX bike that goes best with pop culture. For instance, the NEO chrome finish is responsible for its chic look.

The size of the wheels is 10″. However, they are lightweight wheels. With the aid of these wheels, you can pull-off some coolest bike stunts.

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  • It comes with all the features of the BMX bike.
  • The authentic style of the bike guarantees the efficiency of the bike.
  • Neo Chrome finish will make your bike look attractive.
  • The lightweight helps in performing stunts.
  •   There are no issues with the details and safety of the bike.


  • The welds of the bike are a bit questionable.

8. Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike

It is one of the bikes on the list that both smaller adults and youths can ride. Also, if you want to get into BMX, it is the perfect bike for you.

With the aid of this bike, you can take your skills to a whole new level. The fork of the bike is made of Hi-Ten steel. Compared to the aluminum fork, this steel fork is more durable.

This efficient fork improves vibration reduction, which enhances the bike’s efficiency. The standard aluminum fork will not be able to provide you with the desired vibration reduction.

Also, the frame of this bike will make you enjoy smooth and comfortable rides. It doesn’t matter if you are riding in the park or the streets; this bike is compatible with all.

The rear U-brake will provide you with considerable stopping power.

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  • This BMX bike will help you to grow your skill.
  • The efficient brakes will provide you with reliable stopping power.
  • You will enjoy vibration reduction due to its fork.
  • Smooth and comfortable riding is waiting for you.
  • It is easy to assemble the bike.


  • No such cons are there in the product.

9. Mongoose 2019 20” Outerlimit BMX bike

It is the time when you should push your BMX limit. For that, you can check the specifications of the Mongoose 2019 20” Outerlimit BMX bike.

The first thing that will grab your attraction is its orange in color. It will make your BMX bike look vibrant. The frame of this bike is made up of durable steel.

Therefore, you can use this bike for a great deal of time.

Moreover, the single-speed riding of the bike will help you to stay safe. Besides, the linear-pull brake and caliper brake will provide you with the necessary stopping speed.

It will add an extra layer to the safety features of the bike. Hence, if you want to showcase your freestyle stunts, you don’t have to get worried about your safety.

There are cable detanglers in the bike. With the help of them, you can pull-off 360-degree bar spins.

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  • This bike is easy to assemble.
  • The brakes are efficient enough to provide you with a considerable stopping speed.
  • Four freestyle pegs are there to help you in doing freestyle stunts.
  • The cable detanglers will allow you to perform the 360-degree bar spins.
  • The orange color makes it look vivacious.


  • You may find that some brakes are problematic.

10. Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike

You don’t need to be a kid to use this bike. The BMX bike is capable of taking the weight of an adult. The tires of this product are its forte. They are stylish and will make your bike look sophisticated.

The high tensile steel frame will make sure of the durability of the bike. The bars and forks of the bike are also made up of a high tensile steel frame.

The color of this bike is also pretty generous. Once you start using this bike, it will look amazing. Also, while buying the BMX bike, you don’t have to worry about its affordability.

You can get this bike at a reasonable price. You don’t have to worry about the pressure in your wallet. The performance and quality of the cycle will also make you happy.

The front-load stem of the bike comes with a forged faceplate.

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  • It looks stylish.
  • The bike is compatible with adults.
  • The high tensile steel frame makes it a consistent product.
  • The forks and bars are of steel frame.
  • The pedals are made up of durable plastic.


  • It doesn’t come with any brakes.

How to choose the BMX bikes under 300?

How to choose the BMX bikes under 300

If you want to buy the best BMX bikes, you have to look at some factors. Considering those factors will help you to make the right choice.

Hence, to make the day more comfortable for you, we are about to share those factors you need to check before buying a BMX bike. Here is the list of the factors that we are talking about.

  • Materials

It is the first thing that you need to keep in mind. You should check the material before buying it. High-tensile steel is the ideal material for BMX bikes.

It is healthy as well as lightweight. They are also durable. Pay attention to the amount that is used to craft the bikes. It will give you a brief idea of the frame.

  • Price

Budget is the most important thing. Before buying the bike, you must check its price. We know that you have a specific budget range. So, look for a BMX bike that is compatible with your budget.

You will get a lot of options, and amidst them, you can make your decision. If you want to take our recommendations, we suggest you go through the list mentioned above list.

All of them are below 300. So, there will be no issues with your budget if you decide on buying them.

  • Size

Most people don’t take the size of the BMX bikes seriously. If it is a couple of centimeters long or short, it is going to hamper your experience. However, most of the brands create BMX bikes of all sizes.

Therefore, you should acknowledge the size of your bike based on your height. The best option for you is to look for a guideline. Before placing your order, you can also give a couple of test rides. It will provide you with a brief idea about the specific bike.

  • Pedals

The comprehensive platform plastic pedals are the best choice for BMX bikers. It will make the pedals lightweight so that the bikers can use them precisely.

Also, compared to metals, plastic is less harsh. To be precise, there is a possibility that it will injure your shin muscles. Also, don’t forget to look at the size of the pedals before buying them.

Buying guide of best BMX bikes under 300

Buying guide of best BMX bikes under 300

Competing teams and professional riders alike love the BMX bike. Today, you do have a multitude of bikes that you can buy. Feeling spoilt for choice or just plain overwhelmed? Use our concise buying guide to clear up doubts you may have, identify differences, and make a more confident purchase.

  • Usage

First, start by focusing on how you plan on using the bike. The freestyle bikes can withstand the stresses of stunts and optimized for easy maneuverability and endurance.

Racing bikes give you much better acceleration and speed since they’re crafted using lighter materials fashioned in a stiff, stable way. The more versatile option is the freestyle bike used on various surfaces.

  • Materials

High-end bikes made with alloyed steel offer strength, while the lower bikes are composed of high-tensile steels. The alloyed steel is thinner and lighter, while the ends can be made thicker for joint strength.

Steel is the choice material as it resists fatigue and is easy to fix or maintain, and even offers better riding comfort. Racing bikes are made with aluminum for lighter frames that boost speed and agility. Some racing bikes have an extra edge with carbon fiber frames that absorb vibrations and are light.

  • Size

BMX bikes are used by teens, adults, and kids too. The wheel size remains the same, but the frame changes to suit how old the rider is. Freestyle bikes have a 21-inch top tube for swinging around in airborne tricks and a shorter seat.

Racing bikes have a longer wheelbase and a slacker head angle that push the rider backward, giving them better handling, speed, and stability.

  • Wheels

BMX bike wheels have a standard 20-inch wheel that is smaller than road and mountain bikes. You will find 16- or 18-inch wheels on children’s bikes and bigger 22 or 24-inch wheels on dirt jumping bikes in some cases.

The 20-inch wheel bike is called a cruiser made for older, taller riders and offers stability. The racing bikes have lighter wheels for better speed.

User guide of the BMX bike

User guide of the BMX bike

BMX bikes are fitted with features to help the rider ride comfortably and carry out stunts. Racing bikes are lighter, and riders may remove elements to make them even lighter.

The freestyle bikes are shorter and used for performing jumps and stunts. In this section, we’ll provide you with a user guide.

For the adventurous bikers

You can use BMX bikes on multiple surfaces like dirt tracks, flat land, skate parks for stunt riding or racing. The bikes can last as high-performance bikes are made with third-generation Chromalloy.

The wheel size is around 16 to 24 inches, where experienced bikers favor bigger wheel sizes, and younger bikers prefer the small sizes. Riders that want a bike for stunts or jumping can use bikes with this wheel size of 20-inches wheel size. Aggressive riders can even go as high as 36-wheel spokes or bikes with 48 spoke wheels.

Bikes might have axle pegs and cassette hubs. The hubs are used in small gearing because it is lightweight and makes gridding easier. On the other hand, the axle pegs are used for free riding and for performing stunts.

Safety equipment

Helmets: this protects your head from bumps and serious injuries. You should choose a size that fits you correctly and doesn’t tilt backward when it’s worn. Racers use full-face helmets.

Body armor – These include kneepads, shin pads, and elbow pads for protecting you from scuffs and reduce the stress of continuous biking on your joints.

Gloves – Biker’s hands can get sweaty, and this can cause them to slip. Gloves can give you better grip, protection and prevents blister buildup. The gloves come with long and short fingers so that you can choose one to your liking.

Shoes – Biker racers use specially designed shoes that cover the entire foot and have a better grip on the sole using grooves. The average biker should wear closed, flat outdoor shoes.

Pants – the professional bikers use short made with moisture-proof sail clothes or nylon and can’t be easily ripped. Average bikers could use clothes that fit closely to the body, that don’t sag, flare out, or are too long.

Who Needs the Best BMX bikes?

The BMX bike is a very robust bike with a compact frame. Kids and taller adults use these bikes for stunts or for reaching very high speeds. This kind of bike might suit the following people:

Stunts in arenas and skate parks

A BMX bike’s frame and wheels can withstand thrashing around, spinning, high octane jumps and skidding. They are even constructed in a lightweight way to facilitate all of these stunts and for transporting around easily.  

Someone wanting a durable bike

Yes, a BMX bike can be used every day and for regular cycling as well. You can easily find a good quality bike for half the price you would get on any other type of bike.

The bikes have the best build quality and made to last, requiring less servicing and have no gears. When used daily, you can enjoy a comfortable ride and get good value out of your money.

Someone wanting a versatile bike

The BMX bike is suited for urban environments and shorter commutes. They don’t have gears and can help you travel at lower speeds, ideal for street roads. Consider getting a mountain bike for tougher terrain, longer commutes.

Kids wanting a solid bike

BMX bikes are suited for kids between six to eleven years of age. Look out for bikes with 20 inch and 24-inch wheels in either an 11 inch or 13-inch frame.

So, children below average height at the age of six will be more comfortable on an 11-inch frame bike with 20-inch wheels. If they are above average height, then let them test out the 13-inch frame.

Adults interested in racing

After mastering the 26-inch wheel bicycles, the size is determined then by the bike frame. The frame begins at the top of the seat post to the axle’s centre where you have the pedals.

The right racing bike should have a 1 inch of space between you and the frame crossbar.

Top features of The BMX bikes under $300

Today, you can find a wide range of BMX bikes made from lighter, stranger components and frames. You can even customize your color schemes. You may get overwhelmed when searching for a good bike for yourself. That’s why we composed a list of the best features that any bike should have.

  • Stem and bars

The higher-end bikes have a two-piece Chromoly steel bar, while low-end bikes have bars made with high tensile material. The average bar height is about 8 inches, while the width is around 27 inches. Stems on a BMX bike are stout at about 50mm and made in a front-loading design with four-bolt alloy numbers.

  • Drive train

BMX bikes have a one, two, and three crank mechanism. The one-piece is a basic feature with a single metal piece for the axle and crank arms. The two-piece version is very similar to that of mountain bike cranks, where the axle bonds on the drive-side crank arm. A three-piece crank has the highest strength.

  • Gearing

A BMX bike may feature a ʻmicro-driveʼ gearing. This is a system comprising of a small rear cassette and a corresponding front chain-ring. Such a system provides unique aesthetics and improves ground clearance when you do tricks.

  • Tires and wheels

The BMX wheel has a simple design, with many featuring a 36H alloy bearing hub that’s sealed. It also has a steel axle laced to double-wall rims.

These unique elements make the wheels strong and fitted with knobby tires for better grip on loose surfaces. Front tires are normally wider for smoother handling, and the rear is thinner for faster acceleration. A freestyle bike tire made with Tarmac-orientated rubber is for human-made, harder surfaces.

  • Brakes

BMX bikes have two brakes on the front and rear, while other models have a gyro. A gyro combines bearings and cups under the stem for 360-degree spinning without tangling brake cables. On racing bikes, removing the front brake helps reduce bike weight.

Why did we recommend those bikes?

There is an array of reasons for which we are recommending these bikes to you. After knowing the grounds, you will become eager to buy these bikes.

So, let us present you with the reasons that you want to know.

  • Features

The products mentioned above come with various efficient features. Those features are responsible for the efficiency of the products.

The crafters incorporate all the necessary features that you need to get started with BMX biking. For instance, the manufacturers used high tensile steel to create the frame of the bike. For that reason, you can enjoy smooth and efficient riding.

  • Durability

One more reason for which we are suggesting to you with these bikes is their durability. All of them are quite long-lasting. We have already discussed that the makers used high-tensile steel frames to craft these bikes.

Well, these steel frames are one of the significant reasons behind the durability of the cycles. Once you buy them, you will be able to use them for a long time. You don’t have to worry about their longevity.

  • Safety

There is no point in buying a BMX bike if there is no safety. Hence, the bikes that we have mentioned are safe to use. They have U-shaped front and rear brakes that will provide you with the required stopping power.

It is an important feature that will save you during emergencies. Also, they will deliver you with a single speed that is also responsible for the safety.

However, the last product that we have mentioned doesn’t come with a brake. Hence, we would suggest you use that bike on your private property only. It is specifically made for off-road.

What is an excellent entry-level BMX bike?

What is an excellent entry-level BMX bike

Consider Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike to be an excellent entry-level BMX bike. Being a beginner, you can consider using this bike.

It comes with all the features that will aid you in trying your hands on a BMX bike.

Also, it is a durable bike that you can use pretty harshly. Being a beginner, you will deliver a lot of abuse to this bike. Nevertheless, it will withstand all those abuses and will stay by your side.

Do adults ride BMX bikes?

Yes, the adults do ride BMX bikes. It is a popular adventure sport. A lot of bikers are addicted to this game. In the case of both kids and adults, the tires of the bike remain the same.

However, the frame size of the bike changes based on their sizes. Besides, your riding style has a lot to do when it comes to frame changes.

So, if you are an adult and want to get into BMX biking, you can do that without any issues. All you must do is to pick up the best bike that is tuned to your necessity.


When it is time to change my helmet?

It would be best if you always inspect your helmet before using it with your bike. Search the exterior and interior for dents and cracks in it, or if the foam lining inside it has crumbled or degraded in any way.

If you see these indications, then it’s time to get a new one. Check the buckles to see if they clip on securely, and it should sit straight, covering your forehead. The average helmet should last you about three years, but if it endures crashes, drops that leave it damaged, and then you need a new one.

My bike was in storage- is it still safe to ride?

If your bike was in storage for over a month, take it to a bike shop for a safety check. Technicians will assess the condition of all parts and if it needs any extra maintenance.

The more thorough the check is the better. So, leave it at the bike shop for a full check and ensure that you get an estimate of what a tune-up would cost you.

If your bike was in storage for less than a month, apply lubricant over the chain and tighten the cables.

What must I do if I crash my bike?

If you find yourself in an emergency, call your authorities immediately. If you have only suffered minor injuries, visit your local doctor. Make sure that you exchange information with all other parties involved in the crash.

Do I require special gear to wear while riding my bike?

The only gear you need is your helmet when riding short or long distances. You can choose to wear elbow and knee guards, depending on your bike riding skill levels.

We could recommend wearing a leg band to prevent your pants from getting entangled in the chain. Try to avoid fabric, long or loose clothing as it could get caught in the bike.

Be aware of the loose straps that dangle from backpacks or handbags. You may be more comfortable in bike pants, bike shorts, a jersey, or any fabric that will keep the moisture off for longer distances. Flat soled shoes are the ideal footwear.


So, go through the list that we have mentioned above. All of the bikes will do the needful. You will not have to get disappointed with their efficiency.

All the products possess numerous capable features that will allow you and your kids to enjoy bike stunts and tricks. Besides, they are safe.

Their front and rear brakes are powerful, which will deliver you with the required stopping speed.