What is the difference between BMX and freestyle bikes


BMX bikes are usually ridden off-road and on dirt. They have a very low seat height, knobby tires, high handlebars, wide forks and lots of suspension to absorb the bumps in the terrain.

BMX riders use all their strength to do tricks such as wheelies, bunnyhops, tailwhips and pegs. Freestyle bikes are also used for jumping but they are more commonly seen being ridden on ramps or skate parks.

Freestyle bikes typically have lower handlebars than BMX bicycles because they’re designed with stunts in mind rather than racing like BMX bikes.

These types of bicycles offer less stability so most freestylers prefer to ride them no higher than 6 inches from ground level for safety reasons.

What is the difference between BMX and freestyle bikes?

There is a difference between BMX and Freestyle bikes. BMX bikes are built for tricks, while freestyle bikes are more like street-cruisers meant for cruising around on the boardwalk or trail.

1. BMX bikes are more durable and heavier than freestyle bikes
2. Freestyle bikes have a shorter wheelbase, making them easier to maneuver
3. Freestyle bikes typically have smaller frames with higher handlebars for better control
4. The frame of a BMX bike is usually lower to the ground for stability when performing tricks
5. Freestyle bikes can be used on any terrain while BMX bikes are only good on flat surfaces
6. A freestyle bike is more expensive because it has components that make it lighter and easier to ride, such as suspension forks or hydraulic brakes

What is a good cheap BMX bike?

What is a good cheap BMX bike

Many of us have dreamed about owning a BMX bike and now that we’re adults, the time to buy one has finally come. However, when it comes to buying a cheap BMX bike for adults, there are many things you need to consider before making your purchase decision.

In this blog post I’ll be discussing everything you need to know about buying a good cheap BMX bike as an adult; from how much money should you spend on your new BMX bicycle, what size of frame is best suited for an adult rider and why weight matters so much in regards to purchasing a quality budget-friendly BMX bicycle.


BMX bikes are typically used for racing and more aggressive tricks. Freestyle bikes have a slacker head angle, which makes them better suited to general riding and smaller jumps.

A freestyle bike is likely the best option if you want to do everything from flatland cruising through parks with friends on weekend afternoons to getting some air off of small ramps or dirt piles in your backyard.

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